Convention rules

If you do not comply with the following rules, you may be expelled from the convention:

  1. Do not bring, wear or carry real or replica weapons at any time during the convention (including water pistols, guns, swords, bows and knifes). Only replica weapons that have been approved by convention organisers may be brought on site.
  2. Do not bring or use alcohol or illegal drugs on site.
  3. Due to Health Regulations, sleeping on the site is prohibited.
  4. If you continually or irrationally argue with a GM after a final decision has been made, you may be disqualified without refund.
  5. Only registered and paid up players are eligible for trophies, certificates and prizes.
  6. There is No Smoking inside the building and in any of the doorways. Smoking is allowed only in outside areas designated for that purpose.
  7. Look after and respect the venue. keep out of any areas not hired by Conquest - they will be indicated on the map provided by us to attendees.
  8. Wear your registration badge at all times on site for security purposes.

By signing the registration form, you agree to abide by the instructions and decisions of the convention organisers.

Basic Convention Etiquette

  1. Respect your fellow players and their right to enjoy their time at Conquest.
  2. Do not enter a room where others are playing without their express permission (and please do not interrupt a game/event to ask permission). Some organisers are happy to have spectators, others are not - respect their wishes.
  3. Basic manners are always welcome - everyone appreciates a please and a thank you! A thank you doesn't go astray to the GM for running a session/s for you!
  4. Turn your mobile off during sessions unless it is unavoidable - if so, please explain this to your GM.
  5. If someone visibly needs help to set up or pack up, and you are able to assist please do so - it can make all the difference to someone else's day! Conquest is intended to be fun for all, and we appreciate any behavior that makes this possible!

Parental Guidance - Parents/Guardians Please Read!

Conquest is generally not suitable for young children - a reasonable level of independence and maturity is needed of players to meet financial and behavioral obligations. We try to provide sufficient information about each game/event so that you can judge it's suitability. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

Please also note that we do not and can not provide a child minding service. Children under thirteen must be supervised at all times to ensure their safety and to prevent them from disturbing other convention attendees.

Parents/guardians must sign the registration form for attendees under 18 when first arriving at the convention.

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