Entry Fees

Entry fees are a $7 refundable ticket per session for most events, $70 for “Get Wrecked”* which includes 10 refundable and 3 non-refundable tickets while some multi-session events have a single fee for all included sessions.

If paying at the convention a non refundable $1 administration charge per session applies.

If prepaying by bank transfer no additional fee applies so the entry fees will be fully refundable.

Prepaying Get Wrecked

This year, Conquest have set up a “Spare Session” event slot in AON. This means that if you're not sure what you're going to play but want to pre-pay your “Get Wrecked”, you can choose one of these slots and cover your “Get Wrecked” cap.

* Note: Events with separate fees are not included in the “Get Wrecked” cap.

Prepaying Fees

To prepay transfer the amount indicated by your entry in AON to Conquest's bank account as follows:

Bank: Westpac
Account Name: Conquest Games Inc.
BSB: 033005
Account Number: 331811
Description on receiver's account: Attendee Number followed by attendee name (eg 367 John Smith)

The amount paid will be reconciled with the records in AON based on the attendee number so make sure that is correct.

Transfers must be made by Monday March 25 to allow time for the payments to be reconciled before the convention.

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